help & support

Our dedicated team is full of members who share a common passion and enthusiasm. We welcome all those who would like to join in giving back to their communities.

Each and every project is tackled with a sense of camaraderie and passion for the difference we make in the lives around us. If you are unable to join us and get your hands dirty. We have many other initiatives you may elect to assist with:
Funding Community service projects are expensive to run and timely to manage. A simple donation of funds is welcomed as most our work is unfunded and runs off the good will of our staff and affiliated organisations.
Winter Blanket drive Every June we collect thousands of blankets which are distributed to those braving the winter cold. A good warm comfortable nights rest is a luxury we take for granted.
Thrift clothing drive Throughout the year we collect old clothing that is distributed into communities and families that simply do not have the luxury of picking out a daily outfit.
Monthly Food drop Our monthly food drop occurs on the 1st of every month. We collect foods from the surrounding community members and provide it to those in need.
Book Collections We collect new and old books and provide them to those that are eager to learn and develop their knowledge. We encourage children as well as adults to continue to learn to better improve their quality of life.
Reach out to our elders Elderly folk are often neglected and need care and attention as we all do. Teams are sent out to read at old age homes.